Rising - Dancing Tantra

"The weaving together of Landa and John’s passions for dancing, yoga, music and the awakening sacred masculine and feminine is tantric alchemy, birthed in joy and delivered to you with love and gratitude."

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance sessions focus on masculine and feminine polarities ~ both between the men and women in the room and internally for each individual.  The practice of connection and reflection with your opposite polarity (represented by dancers of the opposite sex) and your own physical polarity throughout the dance accelerates the process of embodying both polarities and moving towards internal balance and oneness. 

We move upwards through the chakras from deep rooted connection with the earth to expansive, ecstatic, cosmic union at the pinnacle of the dance; working with the polarity and associated element of each energy centre in turn within a seamless wave of perfectly orchestrated music and insightful, heart-centred holding.

Although this is an energetic, pleasurable and upbeat dance practice in this form, it is also a profound and expertly held process, bringing a heightened sense of embodiment, inner and outer connection and increased energy flow within your system.

The next session of Rising ~ Dancing TantraTM will be a cacao ceremony and dance ritual on 22nd March 2019 (see below for details)

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Cacao Ceremony and
Dance Rituals






Deep Dive Sessions

These special sessions tie in with key dates on the Celtic wheel of the year - usually on the Equinox and Solstice points. They tap into the special energies at each of these times and provide a ceremonial space to reflect, let go and make intentions.

We start the evening with a cacao ceremony, including sound, breathwork and visualisation followed by an ecstatic tantric dance ritual, connected meditation and finishing with a short closing circle/social time.

The next cacao ceremony and dance ritual will be on 22nd March 2019.

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Within a deep dive series we move through each chakra in turn and work with its energies both in relation to the masculine/feminine polarities and it's relationship to each of the other chakras. We then dance with the four pillars of the Divine - dark masculine, dark feminine, light feminine and light masculine ~ moving into sacred union. These sessions can be for individuals or for couples. Couples can deepen their connection and understanding of each other by exploring this beautiful practice together. Individuals can uttilise this practice to realise their own inner sacred union.

The next deep dive series will be part of the Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, commencing September 2019 and the Rising ~ Ecstatic Dance Teacher Training ~ Commencing September 2019 e-mail for more info.

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Tantra and Dancing Tantra

The word tantra is made up of two words: ‘tanoti’ (to expand or to stretch) and ‘trayati’ (to liberate or free).  Tantra (tan+tra) means to expand one’s experience and awareness of everything, to extend the frontiers of apprehension beyond the material, and to attain spiritual knowledge and liberation.  Tantra aims at expanding the experience of everyday life, of enjoying and living life to the full, as a means to higher awareness.  It encompasses all aspects of life, whether in the material world or that which is transcendent (this includes sex/sexual relationships but this is not the essence of tantra as has become the focus in the western world, you can fully practice tantra without having a sexual relationship – the practice of harnessing the sexual energy as a means to unfold higher awareness is not dependent on having a partner).

The path of tantric yoga is the unity of Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (power or energy of manifestation – the cosmic mother/mother nature), cosmic union or nirvana, of experiencing the infinite through the limited world of form.  And once the infinite has been seen in one object, it is then a short step to seeing the infinite in everything.  It is an alchemy, the art of living a fruitful and blissful life.

Tantra is the science of seeing, feeling, knowing the infinite in and through the finite.  Tantra is a means to know your divine nature and then the divine nature of everything.  It is a method of utilising the material to tune in with the immaterial, of using the manifest to know the unmanifest.

Dancing TantraTM is a practice that can be utilised to lead to union, communion with a power far greater than that of the individual.  When we move with a group, with awareness of polarities we open to a direct experience of Shiva and Shakti within and without.  We come to a greater understanding of the masculine and feminine and grow in acceptance and celebration of each other as manifestations of the divine.

Landa Ananda Love

Landa Ananda Love is a facilitator of ecstatic kundalini dance (chakra dancing), tantric yoga (RYT500) and movement therapy and has been facilitating clients and groups to find presence, embodiment, integration, freedom in movement and emotional and energetic awareness for 15 years.  Her practice of tantra in it’s true fullness (expanding the experience of everyday life; integrating all aspects of self and life as a means to higher awareness) and her deepening understanding of bodies, the energy system and the life force through training and practice in Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork, Massage and Energy Healing, led her to create ‘Rising’ - Dancing Tantra as a way to share all that she has learned and become with as many people as possible in a joyful, pleasurable way; offering an opportunity to move into an understanding of self and others and open to an ecstatic,  connection with life and the life force within.

John Neild

Drummer, dancer, shadow worker, music producer and conscious dance facilitator. Oh and proper raver, cheesy quaver. He brings 25 years of dance and yoga practice and his ravy roots into a conscious and deep exploration and expression of masculine and feminine play. His personal exploration has brought him unprecedented physical and emotional balance and fitness which he now wants to share with others.

“When we fully relax & drop, our bodies tell us a story through dance. Who are we really? Who were we? Who have we been? Who are we to become? Music and dance are the greatest gifts that most of us can enjoy in one way or another. Quite apart from the fitness aspect, it can also nurture and help express the inner child, the inner lover & the inner shadow.”

"Rising dancing tantra took me on a journey into myself - Rising up through the chakras, I was the earth, I was the fire, I was the sky, I was love. The music is surprising, fun, heartfelt, passionate - so many moods were facilitated through the dance and the exquisite holding of Landa. A delicious experience - from the sensual cacao mousse at the start to the journey through the body, heart and soul" Iona

"I so appreciated the soundscape space at the beginning, just to breathe, to feel fully, to arrive to connect only with myself before moving into the dance."

“Thank you Landa, for creating and holding such loving space for us to journey into ourselves.” Maite

"The dance opens up the doorways in my body and mind and then fills that space ~ with each stage of the dance a new doorway is opened and the intensity of the energy increases. Building up to the final dance of bliss, where my crown opens up and i an showered with it. I always come away from the dance so full. I feel the tingle for days afterwards. Because of this I find that I have mindfullness of myself and others." Terry

“Thank you so so much, I knew it would be special but had no idea how special, I'm tingling all over!” Emily

"Landa holds the space for her dance sessions beautifully. The dance session was genius; the perfect balance of mystic flight whilst also keeping me grounded. I really enjoyed journeying into myself. It was a very safe space to play intimately with myself and others which felt very magical." Spencer

‘My life force is activated simply by being in Landa’s presence’ Agata, Integrative Somatic Therapist, transformational performer and coach

‘Landa creates a space where all is welcomed and held with a clear connection to Spirit. With access to this I was able to confidently delve deep into my psyche, find my fear and dance with it.  By bringing this fear out into the room I simply found the power left it, I could see it for the illusion it was and the power of the Divine remained.  The tools that Akhilanda used have stayed with me and created a precedent in my system for self-healing.  I dance through life now with a strengthening root that grew in Akhilanda’s presence.’  LL – movement therapy client

Allow your experience of life to feel blissful, expansive and free - contact Landa for more information on dance events, deep dive sessions and upcoming facilitator trainings ~


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