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Working with Landa as my coach has been a real delight. She beautifully blends various qualities that one wishes for in your "support person"; clear and specific yet receptive and compassionate; practical and knowledgeable yet intuitive and imaginative; humorous yet profound. She invites you into a creative dance of possibility. All the different trainings and experiences she has under her belt come together in a delicious and effective blend. I loved having her by my side. My work felt manageable, powerful and pleasurable as a result. I felt met in my mind, heart and body.

Agata Krajewska, Performer, Coach and Therapist

The Full Spectrum Life Creation program helped me to access my own beliefs; positive and negative, understand how my mind had been conditioned and find ways to begin to change those beliefs that were not serving me. My desires, my dreams, those of now and those of my ideal life future vision were all accessed from tiny seeds I had sprouting in me, that had previously been trodden back into the soil of everyday life, and not given the space to grow.  The program gave me to the tools to reflect and the space to vision and the ground was prepared for manifestation to begin.

I am not for one moment claiming it was all an easy journey. Looking deeply at yourself never really is. But the process offered helped me to see myself and my potential, and the helpful guidance and meditations offered got me through the challenging parts and just sailing on to those calmer shores.

3 months back, it might have all been a long term thought in my mind, but if you’d have questioned me as to “would I accomplish”, “was it possible”, I have to say my doubts would have been strong.

My confidence and  belief grew. Negatives were changed to positives and that which I accomplished, in a way that felt off my own back, was a feeling that made me believe further. The horizon isn’t in the distance. It’s here and it’s yours now.

I would say go ahead and try. Just try with whatever needs sorting in your life; small or large. It is possible and can come true. Let Landa help you make it.

Stuart Peffer, Advanced Yoga Teacher (YRT500) and Yoga Teacher Trainer

I feel that I have come home to myself.  To aspects of myself and resources I didn't know or remember that I had.  All the parts of myself that I could not accept now add a richness to my life.  I would describe working with Landa as coming home to love - a love of myself and life.  One thing that was key to me in this work was the acceptance and integration of my sexual energy and the sensitivity and knowledge that Landa had in working with and guiding me with this.
G - Entrepreneur and coach

It is hard for me to describe working with Landa.  She holds such a deep and insightful space yet the atmosphere is light, friendly and often with much laugther.  I felt seen, heard and discovered aspects of myself that I hadn't recognised before.  Moving through blocks and finding the gifts inside them was freeing and I also felt that I was learning the skills to do this for myself rather than becoming reliant on a therapist.

I learnt practical life skills to help with my business, health and organisation of time, how to relate better with my partner and my children (we have all benefited!) and many spiritual/processing techniques and practices.  To say I feel resourced is an understatement.
Alex, Accupuncturist

I don't really know what to say, it is almost too precious to me to put into words.  What I can say is that just knowing that people like you exist gives me hope for my life!
S - meditation teacher, facilitator

Landa is a highly resourced life coach, bodymind therapist and advanced yoga, dance and meditation facilitator, with a rich tapestry of life experiences and trainings to draw from in guiding you on your life's journey; highly spiritual, yet grounded in the world with a balance of masculine and feminine qualities.  Her work is highly effective in helping you to develop your full potential, your passion and purpose, open your creativity, intuition and connection to life force energy, and develop presence, peace/strength of mind and connection to life and love.

She is trained to masters level in Business, a Thrivecraft Coach, bodymind therapist, energy and bodyworker, advanced tantra yoga, dance and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, business owner, business and personal development course developer/leader, author and mother.  She practices tantric living and conscious relating.

Her soul purpose is "To experience and understand the fullness of life and to inspire, support and resource others to live their full potential."  She is living her purpose and it is her joy to help you to do the same.

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