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Welcome to the inspiring world of Full Spectrum Kids™... a world where children have time to breathe, relax, and soak up positive messages which enable them to flow through life's challenges with ease ... where adults have resources to share wisdom and celebrate life with the children they care for.

Our mission is to light up children's lives; inspiring creativity, a love of wisdom, and resourcing the new generation of children to become all they can be.
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Our new series of 7 life coaching stories for kids aged 6 - 12 offer parents, teachers and carers a way to share important life skills in an inspiring, fun and accessible way. They simplify personal effectiveness concepts ~ those things we learn as adults and think 'wow, how different my life would have been if I'd known that since I was a child!'. The stories teach a life skill and relate it to solving a life situation.

Each story comes with optional activities to enhance and reinforce learning, making them a highly accessible option to teach PHSE in schools or for home schoolers and parents wanting to connect with their children and offer an easy (non preachy) way to offer a well rounded personal development education. Learn more

Join the team! ~ If you would like to share gift of offering classes and individual sessions to children utilising these life changing stories, there are many learning and training opportunities available...
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This book of eight delightfully illustrated life skills stories with movement, dance, yoga and song is a treasure trove for parents and those who work with children aged 4 - 8
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