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The Full Spectrum™ approach is an inspiring and fun life skills program for kids based on the full spectrum map of human development; facilitating children from 7– 12 to develop the inner resources and relationship skills that they need to have the best life possible. The Rainbow Children characters, book and classes are a delightful and playful introduction for children aged 2 – 8.

Utilising stories and activities which are easy for parents and teachers to offer (and also providing facilitators to hold full sessions within schools and after school clubs), Full Spectrum Kids™ takes the pressure off of teachers who need to fulfil personal, health and social education requirements in schools. It enables parents who want their children to develop into healthy, well adjusted, socially adept teenagers and adults with high self-esteem and a wealth of personal resources to meet the challenges in today’s world.

The Rainbow Children® program was the first well-being program of its kind for children and it has only evolved and improved with time, influencing and guiding the development of many similar programs that are now available.

We offer a basic subscription package to the life skills stories and activities for just $77 (£58) for 7 monthsr; giving you 7 stories, 1 for each stage of the map. Find more details of other packages available and subscribe here.

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We keep our prices low so that they are affordable for all, but if you can donate more, please do, as this helps us to reach more people with this life enhancing work.

If you would like to find a facilitator to hold classes in your area you can find more details here.

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