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Gavin Frank has created beautiful songs for each character that features within the Rainbow Children book and recordings of the songs with musical accompaniment can be purchased below or from amazon.com.

This enchanting collection of songs for children, takes you on a journey with the characters featured in the rainbow children® stories.

Gavin’s angelic voice and the many landscapes created by the words and music within each song will delight children and adults alike. The positive messages within the songs are affirmations and the simple lyrics are easily picked up by children who enjoy singing and dancing along to this inspiring soundtrack designed to help them move towards a positive way of being.

Each song reflects an elemental quality and the energetic signature of the character it represents bringing about a sense of balance, encouraging movement to balance the energy within the body and offering a sense of connection with the elements.

The songs and music can be played at the relevant point in the story or can be used to guide dancing to balance and harmonise the body. The music also can simply be listened to as background music for your child to play to, or as a soothing and joyful soundtrack during a drive in the car with your children.

Listen to samples on this page (the samples page may take a moment to load).

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