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The Rainbow Children® teacher training is more than a way to learn to hold these magical classes and birthday celebrations for children; it is a journey of transformation, healing, awakening creativity, regaining a sense of playfulness, finding joy and release through movement and coming back in to contact with the needs of the child within.

By becoming a Rainbow Children® teacher, you will become a member of a vibrant community of teachers and teacher trainers who have a passion for teaching children vital qualities and strengths; enabling them to navigate the challenges of life with ease through play, storytelling, singing, music, freeform dance, spontaneous movement, yoga, breathing and relaxation.

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Accredited teacher training
The Registered Teacher Training, accredited by the IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists) is held over 15 weeks as a multimedia home-study course. The course starts with the foundation course 'Finding Freedom'. You can download the brochure here or Click here to browse more details on-line.

The course is modified for teachers of
Chakra Dancing*, Chakradance, Sacred Centers*, Starchild Yoga, Shakti Dance or Kundalini Yoga, who will already have covered many of the aspects covered in the full training. Exemptions and a discount in course fees are given for the aspects that have already been covered. Bespoke training is also offered for Primary School Teachers and yoga schools Click here for more details *Only schools marked with an asterisk are directly affiliated with us

Other courses:
RainbowMotion(TM) ~ chakra dancing/creative yoga for ad
ults, young adults and teenagers
Full Spectrum Life Coaching ~ coming soon
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