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Rainbow Children® Registered Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training is a 4-month home study course with telephone, e-mail and Skype support. It combines an inner and an outer journey.

The inner journey of healing; rediscovering and meeting the needs of the child within and journeying through your own chakras with music and free flowing movement. The outer journey is your teaching journey. Learning the skills of facilitation; working with children and groups and applying the new experiential knowledge of your chakra system and free form movement to teaching Rainbow Children®.

This programme offers a variety of different class formats so that you can tailor your teaching to your own preferences and strengths. The course is packed with dance and movement exercises, creative yoga, songs and chants, stories, games, creative artistic activities and music that resonates with and inspires movement to balance each chakra. The journey starts with the Rainbow Children® Foundation Course called ‘Finding Freedom’.

Finding Freedom is a standalone self-development course and is the Foundation Course for the full Rainbow Children® Teacher Training. It is an opportunity to experience the programme before making your choice to do the full teacher training.

You can download the full course brochure here or to browse more information on-line use the links on the right.


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