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Maria Sutton
Chester and North Wales

Maria Sutton

My name is Maria Prabhucharan Kaur, the one who serves at the lotus feet of the divine is the translation of my yogic name. I was born in Finland, now living in England with my family.
I was practicing as a holistic therapist specialised in Ayurvedic treatments when I came across the Aquarian age teaching of Shaktidance,founded by Sara Avtar Olivia Kaur. I embarked upon my journey with yoga and dance and certified as a Shaktidance teacher Autumn 2011. I started my teaching and continued in the summer of 2012.
My beautiful daughter was born in the spring of 2013, I wanted to devote my whole time to my daughter.
Continued teaching September 2014.
Linda Ananda's rainbow children teaching found me in February 2015, inspired by my daughter I started the training and qualified in December 2015. The training was teaching me a lot about my inner child and I found that with the training I had again more tools in my bag to begin teaching children.
With a 3 year old girl and her 12 year old brother in the house I am aware of the difficulties growing up. With rainbow children I am exited to be passing down the knowledge of yoga and dance to children for them to be able to utilise in their own unique ways.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

Current Rainbow children classes





Above And Albert
11 Eastgaterow
CH1 1 LQ
Investment £5

If you are Intrested to arrange a Rainbow children birthday party,
contact me for more details.

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