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Registered Teacher Training Course
(IICT accredited)

This is a sixteen week home study course with telephone, e-mail and Skype support.  The course is designed to equip you to teach chakra dancing, simple chakra based yoga, breathwork and meditation to both adults and older children/teenagers.

This course is an experiential journey through the chakras utilising movement (dance and yoga), visualisations, imagery, music and creative activities.  You will be undertaking a journey to discover your own chakra system and how these practices affect you.  The background reading will help you to relate your experiences to the in-depth teachings about the chakras.  This will give you a deeper understanding of how to use the chakras as a map when teaching others, enabling you to create transformative classes, workshops, celebrations and one to one healing sessions.

You will receive an e-book for each chakra detailing; the qualities of the chakra, developmental characteristics and
symptoms when the chakra is out of balance along with music, visualisations and movement practices to balance and energise the chakra.  You will receive an MP3 guided chakra dancing session for each chakra and one integration session (8 sessions in total). 

These materials will give you a tool kit of healing methods including movement practices, visualisations, breathing exercises, chants/songs and music that bring each chakra back into balance to utilise in your own classes and to adapt for different age ranges.

IICT approved

Your own healing process and understanding of these practices will inform your work with adults and you will also learn how to translate these practices for older children/teenagers; utlising stories, metaphors and visualisations.

Rainbow Motion is an accredited modality with the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

You will also receive a video ‘Dancing the chakras’ and ‘Yoga through the chakras’ as a visual guide to some of the concepts within the course.

US$1111/GB£844 (payable over 4 installments).  Please e-mail to apply for this course.

Students and  teachers of Rainbow Motion™ are also recommended to explore the possibility of experiencing the comprehensive and immersive Chakra Dancing training offered by Lizzie Clifford in the UK.

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