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the full spectrum 7 stage map of human development

Embodiment (safety and pleasure in the body, presence, health, vitality)
Emotional Intelligence, creativity, pleasure

Personal power, purpose and prosperity 
Love and relationships (conscious relating, conscious parenting, sacred union)
Expression (creative expression, creative projects, authentic communication, listening skills)
Decision making, intuition, manifestation, clear thinking
Deeper meaning, connection, presence, awareness

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? To visualise the development process and oneself as a human rainbow makes this crazy life more beautiful.

A rainbow is a symbol of hope and beauty. The sun shining through the rain. Which leads to another very important aspect of the Full Spectrum philosophy. In order to create the rainbow, in order to live full spectrum, we need the sunshine and the rain, the joy and the tears.

The depth of our ability to feel sadness is the depth we can go to with our joy, the depth of our ability to grieve is the depth we can go to with our love. Often we find that our greatest gifts are found in our greatest challenges – like the oyster grappling with the sand to create the pearl.

Without sunshine and rain plants and trees do not grow and we are very similar ~ we need a mix of life experiences in order to grow; sometimes, in retrospect, an experience we judged as ‘bad’ can actually lead to a lot of growth, a wealth of skills, greater intimacy with ourselves and others and a sense of self worth and strength that we did not have before. We don’t ‘get rid of’ the negative to have the positive – we integrate and accept both fully (learning all the tools and techniques to do this authentically) and come into even greater balance, harmony and true beauty and authenticity.

This is why at Full Spectrum we steer away from anything that has a ‘new age’ philosophy or a focus on false positivity or ostracising parts of ourselves that we don’t feel serve us (all parts of us serve us in some way and can be integrated – they can of course be offered new tasks if their ‘serving’ is perhaps a little misguided or off track!).

Within Full Spectrum Life Coaching™, story, allegory and metaphor are often utilised. Our minds grasp these images more easily, we can relate to them and we can interpret them in our own way and make them our own. Our subconscious minds can only communicate in images and symbols and this is where our deepest patterns and beliefs are held.

The origins of the Full Spectrum Map

The 7 stage Full Spectrum Map is influenced by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs which details the needs that have to be met in order for full human development (or self-actualisation) to be achieved – each one is dependent on the previous foundation.

In addition, from a western perspective, it is influenced by Jungian Psychology and Erikson’s Stages of Emotional Development.

It is also guided by eastern philosophy and its similar 7 stage pyramid of human development/evolution. This also holds that developing fully at each level is vital for wholeness, but has a more fluid attitude towards this being possible in a non linear fashion with each layer being revisited at different times in life and having different strengths and characteristics in different people.

The key difference between the western (Maslow) and western (Jungian)/eastern models is that love and self-esteem are in a different order. The Full Spectrum Map follows the Jungian/eastern order as it seems, from experience and study, impossible to love healthily and form healthy relationships until we love ourselves and develop healthy self-esteem. The order chosen for the map also reflects more accurately the location of the bodily sensation/awareness that correspond with each layer of development.

The full spectrum map

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Landa is a highly resourced life coach, bodymind therapist and advanced yoga, dance and meditation facilitator, with a rich tapestry of life experiences and trainings to draw from in guiding you on your life's journey; highly spiritual, yet grounded in the world with a balance of masculine and feminine qualities.  Her work is highly effective in helping you to develop your full potential, your passion and purpose, open your creativity, intuition and connection to life force energy, and develop presence, peace/strength of mind and connection to life and love.

She is trained to masters level in Business, a Thrivecraft Coach, bodymind therapist, energy and bodyworker, advanced tantra yoga, dance and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, business owner, business and personal development course developer/leader, author and mother.  She practices tantric living and conscious relating.

Her soul purpose is "To experience and understand the fullness of life and to inspire, support and resource others to live their full potential."  She is living her purpose and it is her joy to help you to do the same.

You can read about some of her clients' experiences here.

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