Philopsophy, teaching style and aims of Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga

The Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy focuses on traditional Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra practices and philosophy and also complimentary practices that embrace and support emotional/psychological release in order to allow the life force to flow more fully through the system. It acknowledges that all levels of the human system need to be addressed and balanced – physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual and that over focus on or neglect of any one of these aspects can be damaging.


The yoga asana (physical yoga/posture work) taught by the academy is firmly rooted in traditional practice and form, yet focuses on somatic experiencing and facilitates students to listen to their own body and what it needs and wants to do (in its deep wisdom) to restore wellbeing on all levels. The physical practice can therefore be as simple or advanced as meets the student’s individual body type, level of experience and feeling in the moment. The yoga academy is not suitable for those wishing to learn the more ‘gym/gymnastic’ style of much western yoga.

It IS suitable for those who wish to listen to their body wisdom, release blocks and develop observer consciousness, embodied presence, energy awareness and increased energy flow through their asana practice.


It aims to integrate and accept all aspects of human/worldly experience (duality) in order to become fully alive and move towards experiencing wholeness (oneness/unity).

It acknowledges the many levels of conscious awareness – not only spiritual awareness.

It acknowledges that the development of discipline and understanding of the traditional teachings are the foundation of all practice and self development.

It acknowledges the somatic intelligence of the body and that all experience is stored in the body. By contacting the felt sense (physical sensations) safe release and personal style/safety/development within postures and practices can be established.

It acknowledges that sexual energy is the most immediate and powerful expression of the life force and that to overlook or suppress this is not beneficial. Practices are given to awaken, circulate and absorb sexual energy throughout the whole bodymind.

It acknowledges that levels of conditioning, shame and addiction need to be processed in order to access and enjoy sexual energy in a safe and non-erotic context. It aims to integrate sexual energy/desire into a deeper connection with self and life, becoming more alive and creative in every moment, with no need for frustration, repression, excess or needing to act on sexual urges.

It utilises the chakra system as a map for the development of the human system on all levels.

It focuses equally on the inner journey of all course participants and then directs this inner knowing and experience into becoming a teacher, ensuring that teachers only teach what they know. Participants understand from the theory and relating this to their own personal process. By sharing in the process of their fellow participants they discover how unique we all are and how to meet the needs of various individuals and diverse groups with care and safety.

It focuses on creating sacred space, carefully planning the themes of classes to bring spiritual understanding and the careful sequencing of classes to promote both safety and understanding.

The level of care in the holding of the group space during the training will be training in itself and this will be explicitly taught in the second year of the training, so that participants become safe, sensitive and strong teachers/holders of transformational space.

The Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy aims to make eastern teachings accessible and practical to a western audience and to equip its teachers to do the same.  The Academy welcomes individuals of any gender and sexual orientation and the teachings and practices are relevant to all.

You can read our full Code of Ethics by following this link.

Within my body are all the sacred places of the world and the most profound pilgrimage
that I can ever make is within my own body.
~ Saraha

A brief history of the Academy

Landa Ananda Love studied her level 1 yoga teacher training, chakra dance and yoga in dance with Paula Mayura (Mayura Yoga Academy), whose teaching style comes from her teachers – Derek Lucas ( BWY, Hatha Yoga), Godfri Devereux (Windfire Yoga, Madhyamika Tantra) and Integral Yoga (Sri Swami Satchidananda) and also includes a particular specialism in teaching the chakras and the energy system. The Mayura Academy’s teachings are based largely on the teachings of Patanjali, Sri Swami Satchidananda and Swami Satyananda Saraswati and the philosophy of Vedanta as presented in the Upanishads.

Prior to studying with the Mayura Yoga Academy Landa studied and attended retreats for 5 years with the School of Economic Science who teach the philosophy of Vedanta and the teachings of Shri Shantananda Saraswati, who was also a disciple of Swami Sivananda (as was Swami Satyananda Saraswati) in addition to western philosophy. She worked with one of the faculty to produce a presentation to bring the teachings of the school to exercise professionals as a means to improve performance. Following this experience she integrated the knowledge gained from it into the teaching of mindfulness/presence exercises in the corporate world and university lecturing.

Following her studies with Mayura Yoga, Landa then went on to study Tandava (ancient tantric yoga ‘dance’ practice) with Ruth Noble and Daniel Odier, Bodymind Therapy with Ruth Noble, Chakra Yoga and Bioenergetics with Anodea Judith, Counselling and Hypnotherapy, Tantric Yoga with Rod Stryker, Bodywork and Energy Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching - achieving her independent Level 2/Advanced registered teacher status through the IYN.

Landa also trained to teach Foundation and Level 1 teacher trainings with the Mayura Yoga Academy and delivered these courses on behalf of the Academy.

The Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy is registered with the IYN for 200, 500 and 1,000 hour courses. All certified practitioners will have an internationally recognised advanced yoga teacher qualification (YRT 500) and be eligible for insurance with all major holistic insurance providers.

The school is based in Bristol, UK.






Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy 2018 ~ Photography by Magdalena Smolarska