Application process

Each student will need to have a pre-enrolment skype with Landa. Please e-mail landa @ fullspectrumtantra.com to request an application form. Once you have returned the form Landa will contact you to arrange your Skype session.

This session will offer you a chance to ask questions and to feel into whether this is the right training for you. It gives Landa the opportunity to understand you more and let you know if she feels the training is a good fit for you at this time.

We will be a small group of 16 participants and it is important that we fit well together and can therefore develop a strong Sangha (spiritual community).

The key to the effectiveness of group practice is held to reside in the harmony of minds and hearts of the participants. When a compatible spiritual group is created, it can greatly accelerate the spiritual evolution of its members. Abhinavagupta declares that such a group can enter a state of oneness and universal consciousness without effort. He explains this by the notion of reflection (pratibimba), a process of unification, an effortless overflow of spiritual energy.

[The current group is already in progress.  Please contact Landa regarding one-to-one training and tantric life coaching options.]


Financial investment

Once a student has been offered a place on the course and has accepted it, there will be a non-refundable payment of 108 required to secure a place.  There is then a  further payment of the full deposit ~ 333 ~ to be paid 4 weeks after.  Once the course starts, there is a payment of 108 per month to be paid on the 1st of each month, by standing order, for each of the 24 months of the course.

During the course additional support can be offered for those needing more input on certain practices or support with their process ~ 2 hour skype or face to face, one to one sessions are 108 each or 333 for 4 sessions if paid for together. Students will be advised during the enrolment interview whether it is likely they will need this additional support. This is to allow access to a wide variety of participants whilst keeping the course at exceptional value for money. Students can choose which facilitator they would like to receive support from.

Course dates


7/8 September
12/13 October
9/10 November
7/8 December


18/19 January
15/16 Feburary
14/15 March
23/24 May
18/19 April
13/14 June
11/12 July
8/9 August
12/13 September
10/11 October
14/15 November
5/6 December


16/17 January
20/21 February
20/21 March
17/18 April
15/16 May
12/13 June
10/11 July
7/8 Aug


Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy 2018 ~ Photography by Magdalena Smolarska