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Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM offers a healing environment for your body to transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering and come home to its natural capacity for health and joy.

You will discover how to release trauma and chronic muscular tensions within the body utilising asana, somatic sensing, pranayama, tremoring, tandava and yoga nidra.  The release of trauma in this way can free up the flow of life force in the body, relieve stress patterns and facilitate you to develop to your full potential.

This is a safe and effective way of releasing trauma that can help to reduce anxiety, raise energy levels, increase a sense of aliveness and help deveop the capacity to respond appropriately in challenging situations.  It has the potential to open a greater sense of connection to self and others, and to ease the body into a growing sense of love and pleasure.
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Facilitator Training
May 2018 - Feb 2020

There are many different ways of and intentions for practicing yoga (especially in the West).  Broadly these are spiritual, physical, relaxation/mindfulness and emotional release.  Many classes are a mixture of one or more of these, although yoga for emotional release is less common as an intention, it may be an outcome of practice.

Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM is designed as a modality to bring about a greater awareness of the sensations of within the body as a way to release and free up stuck energy and moving forward to allow emotional states in the form of energy sensations to move freely and not become stuck in the first place.
This modality also works directly with the psoas muscle – most people have tension in this core and hard to reach muscle from trauma, stress and anxiety.  This is exacerbated by long periods of sitting in offices and cars.
Within the modality there are five ways of working to release held emotions, trauma and anxiety.  Within all of these there is a focus on tracking the felt sense as a tool for release, increasing aliveness/embodiment and self-awareness.  These are the techniques covered in the 18 month facilitator training:

Somatic sense yoga with careful consideration of ‘trauma sensitive class’, guidelines - strong focus on breath, the felt sense and working with areas of the body that are prone to holding trauma through supported and restorative yoga postures.  (This is where we start with someone who is starting their healing journey from acute trauma).

Working ‘with
the edge’
We all have an ‘edge’ in our yoga practice – this is the place where we are reaching a place in our body where there is some resistance – often blocked energy/emotion/accumulated tension or stress.  If we observe how we are in life, how we react to stressful/challenging situations we can often observe this in our yoga practice – do we tend to back off/retreat or do we tend to ‘push through’?  The release occurs by holding yourself on that edge and not doing either of these things.  By deeply focussing on the felt sense whilst on the edge and breathing deeply into the area we can help release whatever is stored there in the body – tremoring may well be experienced and can be fully surrendered to when it does. (This is most suitable for experienced yoga practitioners who wish to move more into developing their practice for emotional release – it can also be combined with either of the approaches above and the yoga nidra techniques below.)

Yoga for psoas/core release Working with yoga postures to induce tremoring to release and relax the core muscles and release the trauma held in the core of the body. (This is suitable for those who have some sense of safety in the body and body awareness, the second stage of trauma release or for those with accumulated stress and anxiety – it is most effective when combined with the first stage to establish safety and grounding before the tremoring experience)

spontaneous movement

Tandava, the mystical yogic dance is the spontaneous, slow and fluid movement of the body in space, generated by the conscious breath.

The body moves spontaneously through the subtle exploration of physical sensations; both contracted areas and soft, spacious areas.

In this way the body becomes more receptive and the senses opened. Curiosity, deep listening to the sensations and the willingness to let the body move in its full potential are developed in this practice.

The purpose of Tandava is to open the body-mind system, melting the body in a deep relaxation, making it permeable to emotions. The emotions can then freely flow without being stuck and repeated over and over. Over time the deep listening can bring an expansion of sensation to fuse with space, creating a dance with the universe.

Yoga nidra/ hypnotherapy techniques that focus on the felt sense, building islands of safety in the body, engaging with feelings/felt sense and both pendulating between and accommodating opposites of thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations in conjunction with each other.  (This can be utilised on its own but is most effective when combined with body/posture work that focuses on the felt sense – i.e. any of the above techniques.)

course details
The course will be held part-time over 18 months including 12 weekends attendence, with written homework, reading, one-to-one sessions and personal practice/case studies outside of class time and a final assessment at an agreed time.  Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM is an accredited modality with the IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists).  It will offer you 180 teaching hours towards your advanced teacher training (including class time, one-to-one sessions, observed case studies and final assessment).



course location

May 2018 - Feb 2020

Case studies September 2019 - January 2020

Final assement February 2020 - To be confirmed

Enrolment deposit - 190
First payment - 185 – payable 15th April 2018
Monthly instalments of 150 per month over 12 months from 15th May 2018

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Places are limited due to the personal care, attention and one-to-one sessions offered throughout the course duration.

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